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As Çömlek Taşfırında Kuru fasülye, we started to serve in Kısıklı square in 1999. In 2006, we moved to Çamlıca hill, one of the places where the view of Istanbul can be watched most beautifully. We are currently serving on Çamlıca hill, the pearl of Istanbul. In Çamlıca Çömlek, it is another beauty to eat on the revolving platform with the view of the Princes' Islands.

In an environment where everything has become artificial, we have turned the dried beans grown with organic agriculture in the high plateaus into a perfect taste by processing them in the pottery kitchen and we have become preferred by our guests.

Go up to the highest, most beautiful hill of Istanbul, to this observation terrace where the islands and the sea view of the islands and the sea view stand like a painting. Get out of the stressful environment of the city, rest yourself, relieve your stress and relax your head. Taste the most beautiful dried beans of Istanbul, let it be healing for your body. Relax yourself, relax your loved ones, isn't life already a distraction?

As Çömlek Taşfırında Kuru fasülye, we started to serve in Kısıklı square in 1999. In 2006, we moved to Çamlıca hill, one of the places where the view of Istanbul can be watched most beautifully. We are currently serving on Çamlıca hill, the pearl of Istanbul. In Çamlıca Çömlek, it is another beauty to eat on the revolving platform with the view of the Princes' Islands.

In ÇÖMLEK Restaurants, you will find a handful of love and the magical flavours of our cuisine in every plate you order. The Sultan of Kitchens, our indispensable taste of dried beans is at ÇÖMLEK with your liking. We became a brand in a short time. When it comes to dried beans, we are the first to come to mind.

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Turistik Çamlıca Cad. No:50 Büyük Çamlıca - Üsküdar / İSTANBUL

[email protected] +90 (551) 279 20 20 0216 316 29 53 0216 335 14 34

Premium Quality

İspir beans represent premium quality with their distinctive flavour and nutritional value.

Environmentally Friendly

We offer an environmentally friendly alternative by growing and processing the products sustainably.

Grilled on Oak Charcoal

We offer a variety of wood-fired grilled delicacies to provide a unique flavour experience.


We give our guests an experience, we prepare all the dishes with love and bring them to your tables.

Dried Beans

Dried beans are one of the most special dishes of traditional Turkish cuisine that can never be replaced. Carried from the glorious tables of the Ottoman Period to the present day, beans have not lost its flavour on its journey to the present day. Dry beans, which has been on the menus of Çömlek’since its first day in 1999, ensures that Istanbulites eat the traditional dish with a better flavour every time.

The general answer to the question of where to eat the best dried beans with meat in Istanbul’s is always Çömlek’s. The chefs of Çömlek’mlek adapt the traditional recipe to the dynamics of the modern network and present the hearty flavour of the dish that has been eaten for hundreds of years to the visitors in the most elegant way. Yedi Tepe Istanbul is famous as much for its müthiş flavours as it is for its view. The çömlek represents the delicious yönününü of this magnificent city, and the famous çömlek kurufasulye recipe creates a legendary menu.

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Dried Beans: The Key to Flavour

Dried beans are one of the indispensable flavours of Turkish cuisine. This nutritious legume, which is frequently used in both traditional and modern recipes, decorates the tables with varieties that appeal to all tastes.

Dried Beans Casserole

By adding a touch to the classic dried beans recipe, this flavour cooked in a casserole can be a great choice for special occasions or for your guests. Dried beans cooked in a casserole adds colour to your tables with its delicious aromas.

Dried Beans in Pot

The traditional method of cooking dried beans in a clay pot is in a stone oven, which gives the beans a unique flavour. The slow cooking process brings out the flavour of the dried beans perfectly.

Delicious Baked Beans

It is a simple and delicious option, indispensable in dried bean recipes. It is prepared with only dried beans, onions, tomatoes and spices. It impresses everyone with its flavour.

Kıymalı Kuru Fasulye

Kıyma eklenerek zenginleştirilen kuru fasulye, et sevenler için harika bir alternatiftir. Kıyma ile birleşen fasulyenin tadı muhteşemdir.

Dried Beans with Lamb Meat

When lamb meat is combined with dried beans, a special flavour emerges. When lamb meat is combined with dried beans, a hearty and delicious dish is obtained.

Dry Beans with Sausage

Sucuk is another delicious ingredient that accompanies dried beans. The sausage enhances the flavour of the dried beans and makes this dish special.

Dried Beans with Cube Meat

Adding cubed meat adds a different dimension to dried beans. The unique aroma of the meat and the flavour of the beans come together.

Dried beans are one of the rich flavours of Turkish cuisine. With these various recipes, you can try dried beans in a different way at every meal. Remember that delicious dried beans recipes can be personalised to suit your taste. Now is the time to take action to try these amazing flavours and master the kitchen!

Istanbul's Best Dry Bean Restaurant

Çömlek has been the number one address in Istanbul for dry bean lovers for many years. Thanks to the friendly staff, stylish interior design and talented chefs, the taste of the first day is still much talked about today. You can hear the name of Çömlek kusuru bean shop in various parts of the city and run after the flavour. Çömlek takes the experience of dry beans in a pot to the next level and makes you return to this flavour every time.

Çömlek, which never loses its number one place in the search for a dry bean restaurant on the Anatolian Side, gives guests the experience of eating in a friendly atmosphere in their own home, not only with its flavour, but also with family warmth, magnificent city views, quality service and friendly approach. Çamlıca Çömlek team, while presenting the traditional bean flavour with a perfect service in the forms of different regions, shows you an appropriate account, not exorbitant.

Istanbul Dried Bean Prices

Our restaurant Çömlek offers a service experience that dry bean lovers enjoy coming to. As much as we give importance to flavour, we offer our guests services that they will be satisfied in other stages such as welcome, service and price. Dried beans are firmly established in the minds of Istanbul visitors and locals as a must-eat dish in Çömlek. We take care to maintain this perception with our service and flavour quality.

Those who know us with our Çamlıca and Üsküdar dried bean flavours in Istanbul are satisfied with our prices and prefer our restaurant even on special occasions. Çömlek dried beans prices appeal to every income group, offering a delicious dining experience without shaking the budget of crowded visitors. If you want to taste our traditional flavours accompanied by perfect views, you can choose us with an attractive price advantage.

Çamlıca Çömlek Kuru Fasulyeci: Affordable Address of Flavour

Dry beans are a healthy and satisfying option that enriches our tables. Çamlıca Çömlek Kuru Fasulyeci, one of the well-established flavour brands of Istanbul, attracts attention with its affordable prices while offering its customers a quality dry bean experience.

Balance of Quality and Economy

Çamlıca Çömlek has adopted the goal of reaching customers with economical prices while prioritising quality in the production of dried beans. In line with the quality of the products, it also stands out with its budget-friendly price policy.

Çömlek Kuru Fasulye: A Unique Flavour from Tradition to Present

Dried beans, one of the indispensable flavours of Turkish cuisine, acquires a unique taste especially when cooked in pots. The ‘Çömlek Kuru Fasulye’ brand, which opens the doors of this special flavour, offers its customers an unforgettable dining experience by blending the traditional cooking method with a modern service concept for years.

Çömlek Kuru Fasulye: Address of Authentic Flavour

Dried beans, one of the most popular dishes of Turkish cuisine, gains a magnificent flavour especially when cooked in pots. One of the places that offers the most special and authentic version of this unique dish is the ‘Çömlek Kuru Fasulye’ brand. Are you ready to discover this flavour prepared with traditional methods and leaving an unforgettable taste on the palate?

Why Cömlek Kuru Fasulye?

Çömlek Kuru Fasulye brand is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to dried beans. This special brand, whose foundations go back many years, offers its customers an unforgettable experience with its delicious dishes and unique atmosphere.

Authentic Flavour

Pot Dry Beans prepares dried beans by cooking them in pots for long hours. This traditional cooking method gives the dish a deep and unsatisfying flavour. The earthy smell of the pots gives the beans a special aroma, while the slow cooking process ensures that the beans are fully thickened. As a result, a feast-like meal is served on the table.

Wide Menu Options

Çömlek Kuru Fasulye brand includes not only dried beans, but also dried beans with meat, dried beans with lamb meat, dried beans with sausage and many other varieties. These delicious options, each carefully prepared, are rich enough to appeal to your taste buds. Other appetisers and desserts on the menu also offer great options to accompany your meal.

Unique Atmosphere

Çömlek Kuru Fasulye brand stands out not only with its flavour, but also with its nostalgic and friendly atmosphere. The pleasant service and traditional decoration offered by the restaurants to their guests make your dining experience unforgettable. You can enjoy Turkish hospitality in these places where you will spend pleasant moments with your family and friends.

Istanbul's Best Dried Beans

For those who want to experience dried beans, which is a unique flavour of traditional Turkish cuisine, in an authentic atmosphere, the ‘Cömlek Kuru Fasulye’ brand is the perfect choice. This unique dish cooked in pots takes you on an unforgettable journey of flavour with the trace it leaves on the palate. With its rich menu options and warm welcome, this brand opens the doors of a pleasant meal to its customers.

Open Buffet Breakfast

Çömlek continues to be one of the most visited places in Istanbul with its open buffet breakfast services. Our restaurant, which prepares a unique open buffet for those who want to enjoy breakfast with delicious menus accompanied by a perfect view, makes you experience the happiness mentioned by the poet. Among the best breakfast places in Istanbul, Çömlek ranks first in many respects.

When it comes to breakfast, the cultural richness of Turkish cuisine emerges. Çömlek presents the famous Turkish cuisine to the world by combining traditional and modern flavours. The people of Istanbul, local tourists coming from outside the city, tourists coming to historical Istanbul from different parts of the world experience an unforgettable flavour experience with the open buffet breakfast varieties prepared by the Çömlek team.

Don't Say You Didn't Have Breakfast in Cömlek

When the list of the best open buffet breakfast places in Istanbul is made or recommendations are asked, Çömlek is always one of the restaurants whose name is pronounced. Our place Çömlek, which has become widespread even with the whisper newspaper, is like a social living space where people chat for a long time, have fun, discover new flavours, drink pleasure coffees, and fill their souls as well as their stomachs. Our guests do not only have breakfast here, they rest their souls, take a break, relieve stress, enjoy themselves, store energy, and most importantly, they receive a wonderful breakfast service.

Çömlek, where you will enjoy Çamlıca open buffet breakfast rich in all respects, exhibits the refined side of our distinguished city. Every local and foreign guest who travels to Istanbul and wants to take a pleasant break while living in the city noise should taste the privilege of having breakfast here. In order not to say that we did not have an open buffet breakfast in Çömlek, we would like to invite you to our place, which serves with a warm family atmosphere throughout the year, to meet our legendary breakfast menus. Come, see, taste, live and feel happy.

Let your soul and stomach be full: Don't Break Your Budget

You never need to think about your budget while having open buffet breakfast in Çömlek. Open buffet menu prices adapt to budget diversity and take you on a pleasant journey of flavour without stress. The poet who said that breakfast is related to happiness is right! Breakfasts in Çömlek store happiness, protect your budget, and create unique memories for you with a romantic breakfast alone or a pleasant breakfast with your family. Don't forget to make time to taste the breakfast experience at Çömlek. The journey of happiness and flavour is with you every day!

Çamlıca Çömlek Kuru Fasulye: A Palate Feast on Istanbul's Flavour Map

Çamlıca Çömlek Kuru Fasulye, which stands out as one of the best dried bean brands in Istanbul, is a brand where flavour and quality meet. Çamlıca Çömlek, where dried beans, indispensable of Turkish cuisine, are carefully processed by adhering to traditional recipes, leaves an unforgettable mark on the palate.

Quality and Tradition: Camlica Pottery Difference

Çamlıca Çömlek Kuru Fasulye is a brand that attaches importance to quality in the production process and adheres to traditional methods. It carefully selects the best quality dried bean varieties, processes them with special methods and presents them to your tables. This flavour, which appeals to traditional palates, adapts to the rich culinary culture of Istanbul and is indispensable especially for dried bean lovers.

Bean Quality: One Step Ahead at Çamlıca Pottery

The most important factor determining the unique flavour of Çamlıca Çömlek Kuru Fasulye brand is the quality of the dried beans used. The brand selects the freshest and most nutritious beans and preserves their naturalness and nutritional value with special processing techniques. In this way, it offers a healthy and delicious alternative to your tables.

Respect for Traditional Palates: Çamlıca Pottery Adds Flavour to Istanbul

Dry beans, which has an important place in the rich culture of Istanbul, is taken one step further with Çamlıca Çömlek brand. Çamlıca Çömlek Kuru Fasulye, prepared in accordance with traditional recipes, respects Istanbul's palate while also adapting to modern culinary trends.

The Best of Istanbul: Meet Çamlıca Çömlek Kuru Fasulye

Çamlıca Çömlek Kuru Fasulye is one of the best dried bean brands in Istanbul with its flavour, quality and commitment to traditional Turkish cuisine. If you want to add a touch to your table and experience an exquisite flavour, choose Çamlıca Çömlek. Meet the modern interpretation of traditional flavour and add value to your tables with the best in Istanbul! 

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